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"I have known Tre for quite a while now, having met him in the National Guard. We served together in Iraq in 2007. Tre is a natural leader, and I cannot think of anyone who would be a more suitable mayor and leader for Cayce. As someone who has lived in Cayce all my life, I am proud to see him running to lead our city, and I am honored to call him my friend."

Jason Gardner 

"Over the past two decades, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous civilian and military leaders, and I must say that Tre stands out as an exceptional leader. His practical approach to problem-solving is highly effective and unparalleled!"


Amanda Kushen

"I began working with Tre 10 years ago. We have built a friendship with each other during this time because we share the same values, love of family, morals, and integrity. There is no one I would trust more than Tre being the leader of a developing city such as Cayce."

Tony Migliore
"I have been friends with Mr. Tre Bre and his family for a long time. Throughout our acquaintance, Tre has demonstrated his qualities as a good friend and a hard-working individual who can be relied upon. He is dedicated to his community and would make an excellent leader if he chooses to run for public office. I fully support him in any future endeavors."

Gene Brazzell, M&R Realty

"I am convinced that Tre' is the perfect example of what it means to live, work, and play in the City of Cayce. He has strong family ties to our community and possesses a willingness to lead by example. I believe his goals are for improving and maintaining all scopes of the city to the benefit of all citizens."


Karen Dawkins, Cayce Resident
"I believe Tre Bray is building a future for Cayce. Tre has roots in Cayce and has chosen to stay in Cayce and raise his family there. Tre is very involved in his community. Tre has been an advocate for children and educators in Lexington 2. Tre's own children attend public schools in our community alongside our children and grandchildren. I am proud to support Tre Bray!"


Jackie Jackson

"As a former Program Manager, Abbott fostered a climate of trust, belonging, and collaboration amongst our team. Abbott saw my ability and gave me the tools I needed to be successful and grow in my career. I will forever thank him for his leadership and lifelong mentorship!"

Julia Wood

"Tre's lifelong citizenship in our city is a testimony of his love and commitment to his hometown. Tre Bray cares for the needs of Cayce's everyday people and has the ability to do something about it. He has shown he is unafraid to speak "truth to power" and is the refreshing change our city needs. Let Tre work for you!"


Butch Kelly

“ An amazing leader is like a guiding star, illuminating the path for others, inspiring greatness, and empowering the team to reach heights they never thought possible. Tre Bray encompasses all these traits."


Thomas B. Martin 1st PLT, C Co NCOIC

"I strongly recommend Mr. Abbott Bray for Cayce Mayor. He is an excellent candidate. Tre is one of those rare finds who I've seen exceed while using his technical, personal skills, critical thinking and leadership skills."

Danielle C. Kennedy MSG, ARNG, Program Support Branch NCOIC

"Tre has been a great partner on the school board, but what sets him apart as a great mayor candidate is his dedication to fixing issues with zoning, flooding, and community education."
David Moye
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